HVAC: Keeping Your Cool In the SummerHVAC: Keeping Your Cool In the Summer

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HVAC: Keeping Your Cool In the Summer

Hey! My name is Danny and this is my new HVAC blog. HVAC might seem like a really boring subject, but have you ever considered that when you enter the local shopping mall or your place of work, the only reason it feels comfortable is because of the complex HVAC systems. I only came to truly appreciate my HVAC system when it stopped working. It was a really hot day in Sydney and I came home from work to discover the inside of my home was hotter than the surface of the sun. I called in a contractor who fixed up the HVAC system and gave me some great tips. Since then, I have been finding out all I can about the world of HVAC.


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Ducted Vs. Ductless Air Conditioning Systems: Choosing the Right One for Your Home

Are you looking for an air conditioning system for your home? Choosing an air conditioning system can be a daunting task. With many options available in the market, you will need to consider cost, size, availability of space, cooling capacity, etc., to find the best system for your needs. However, your choice will often come down to a ducted system or a ductless one. As the name implies, ducted systems, sometimes referred to as central systems, rely on a series of ducts connected to a central unit. On the other hand, their ductless counterparts rely on air handlers or blowers to circulate cooled air throughout your home. Each option has its pros and cons, and this quick guide will help you choose the right one for your home.

Installation Concerns

Cost, space and existing air conditioning components will often determine your decision to choose a ducted or ductless air conditioning system. First, ducted air conditioning systems are typically more expensive to install. That's because they require ducts, which must be installed in walls or ceilings, making the whole process a bit more invasive, time-consuming and complex. On the other hand, ductless systems come with ease of installation because you only need to install air handlers on your walls.

Second, if you lack enough space to install a ducted system, maybe because you live in a small apartment or your home has high ceilings that you don't want to interfere with to create room for your ducts, a ductless system will be a perfect choice. However, if your home already has existing ductwork from a previous owner or your old air conditioning system, it would be best to install a ducted system. It will cost you less, and installation will be much quicker.

Energy Efficiency

Air conditioning systems rely on electricity. Therefore, you must invest in an energy-efficient model to avoid high energy costs. Generally, ducted systems tend to be less energy-efficient than their ductless counterparts, owing to their construction. As a result, you are more likely to lose heat through the ductwork as it dissipates throughout your home.


Air conditioning systems also come with aesthetic concerns for many homeowners. Many people prefer ducted systems because the ducts are hidden away in the ceilings. On the other hand, the presence of air blowers or handlers on your walls, typical of ductless systems, may be undesirable to some homeowners who are concerned about their home's interior décor and overall aesthetic appeal.

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