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HVAC: Keeping Your Cool In the Summer

Hey! My name is Danny and this is my new HVAC blog. HVAC might seem like a really boring subject, but have you ever considered that when you enter the local shopping mall or your place of work, the only reason it feels comfortable is because of the complex HVAC systems. I only came to truly appreciate my HVAC system when it stopped working. It was a really hot day in Sydney and I came home from work to discover the inside of my home was hotter than the surface of the sun. I called in a contractor who fixed up the HVAC system and gave me some great tips. Since then, I have been finding out all I can about the world of HVAC.


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How to Troubleshoot a Split System AC

Split system air conditioning systems need occasional maintenance and repairs to keep them working well. Before you reach out to a split system repair company, it can be helpful to work through a few simple troubleshooting steps so you can identify the nature of the problem. Here are some tips you can use to troubleshoot your split system if it develops one of the following problems.

1. Can't Turn On Split System

If your split system air conditioning system is completely non-functional, there could be several possible causes. The most simple answer is that there is no power supply to the unit. Check the circuit breakers to ensure that the unit's circuit is active. You should also inspect cables to ensure that they have not been chewed by pets or mice.

If the air conditioning system appears to have a working power supply, but it still refuses to switch on, then you should contact a split system repair company. An experienced technician can examine the electrical and other parts of the system to find out where the fault lies.

2. Split System Smells Terrible

A bad odour coming from your split system is a sign that there is mould or mildew inside the unit. While it is possible for you to clean this mould away from the unit yourself, it is important that you also call a repair service so that you can find out why it has developed in the first place. There might be a problem with the condenser that causes dampness to build up inside the unit, which is a problem that needs professional attention.

3. No Fan Operation

The fan is one of the parts of a split system that is most likely to fail. When the fan stops turning, you might still be able to switch on the unit, but it will not be able to drive air around your home and so you will not feel a strong air current coming from the vents.

Sometimes, fans stop turning because there is something physically blocking them. For example, there might be an object or a build-up of dust, hair and lint inside the unit.

If you can't see anything that could stop the fan from turning, close the unit back up and call a split system repair service. It is likely that the motor has failed, which means it needs to be either repaired or replaced. This task is not easy to carry out yourself and it is safest to leave it to the professionals.

If you have questions about split system repair services, contact a local HVAC technician.