HVAC: Keeping Your Cool In the SummerHVAC: Keeping Your Cool In the Summer

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HVAC: Keeping Your Cool In the Summer

Hey! My name is Danny and this is my new HVAC blog. HVAC might seem like a really boring subject, but have you ever considered that when you enter the local shopping mall or your place of work, the only reason it feels comfortable is because of the complex HVAC systems. I only came to truly appreciate my HVAC system when it stopped working. It was a really hot day in Sydney and I came home from work to discover the inside of my home was hotter than the surface of the sun. I called in a contractor who fixed up the HVAC system and gave me some great tips. Since then, I have been finding out all I can about the world of HVAC.



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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing HVAC Systems

Has your current HVAC system reached the end of its service life? Read on and discover some of the common mistakes that you should avoid making when you replace that aging system with a new one.

Ignoring Energy Sources

Some homeowners usually buy the same type of HVAC system as the previous one by default. This approach can deny you an opportunity to select a system that is powered by the most affordable type of energy in your area. For instance, your old system may have been installed at a time when natural gas was the most affordable type of energy available in your area. However, the situation may have changed so that electricity is now the cheapest type of energy to use. Assessing the available energy types can therefore help you to select the HVAC system whose total cost of ownership will be affordable.

Not Checking the Ducts

The ductwork of your air conditioning system can have a significant effect on the efficiency of that system. Ducts may develop leaks as they age. Those ducts can also become clogged by dust and other substances that accumulate over time. It is therefore important to have the ducts inspected and repaired before the new air conditioning unit is installed. This will remove any factors that would have made the AC unit to overwork in its attempt to keep the air in your home conditioned to the level that you desire.

Not Paying Attention to Maintenance Requirements

Each air conditioning system has its own unique maintenance requirements. For instance, some may have condensate pans that need to be emptied manually by the homeowner every week. Other systems may have a duct that channels the condensate to the exterior of the home. You should find out what the specific maintenance demands of a given HVAC system are so that you select the system whose maintenance will not be too demanding for you to manage. Knowing the maintenance requirements will also help you to set a schedule for performing those maintenance activities in a timely manner so that the lifespan of that equipment isn't shortened.

Homeowners make many other mistakes during the process of replacing their old HVAC systems. The best way to avoid those mistakes is to obtain expert help during the entire replacement process. That professional that you hire will visit your home and determine your air conditioning needs so that you buy a system that is correctly sized for that home.